How to install Rmpi on a Scientific Unix Cluster

load the right modules

  1. module add openmpi/gcc
  2. module add r

This loads the most recent version of R, which is probably what you want. If you want a specific version x.y, load r/x.y.

install Rmpi

this is very easy. start R on the hpc console (type R). then do


you will be asked if you want to install to a personal library. say yes.

install snow


run a test

if you have git

clone the git test repository with git clone on the hpc.

alternatively download the repository

to a folder on the hpc.

  1. go to mpitest/R/singleThread/flos-test/ and
  2. type make and hit enter.
  3. if everything was installed correctly a test will use 3 nodes and do some things.
  4. check the file exp.Rout for correct output.
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